décembre 18, 2007

Merry Christmas

You don't feel like destroying the planet while wishing a Merry Christmas to your loved ones ? Good. You're not sure they really need more stuff ? Remember anyone can enjoy a massage or treatment in a spa, a cooking class or concert ticket for a change. Spending time together is sometimes the most precious gift. Be with them instead of just being there. There's no way you won't do any shopping ? Hugh. Indulge at Alter Mundi Beaurepaire*, the new outlet for ethical purchases. That's where I bought a striped organic cotton scarf by Seyes for 49 euros. In this newly opened shop, mother and daughter also selected French brand Bluebretzel for its color palette : grey as Beluga's caviar, electric green as the 2CV by Citroën in 1976... This Christmas, think fair trade. *25, rue Beaurepaire 75010 Paris

Titouan Lamazou's beautiful women

I must confess that I love being a journalist. I get to review great stuff and meet incredible people. My latest craze is sailor-turned-artist Titouan Lamazou. Just look at him pose for me at the Festival International du Film d'Environnement. He is now showing 6 years of work (meaning travels, paintings and photos) at the Musée de l'Homme in Paris. I first watched the 4 minutes mixed media portraits he compiled on 2 DVDs and finally went to see the exhibition "Zoé Zoé" at the Trocadero. As an Artist for Peace, the Frenchman met women from all over the world : from the sexy anti war activist in the US to the committed fashion designer in Bangladesh. Even Lucy, mother for us all, is part of the project. Titouan not only sees the beauty in every woman, he is not afraid to denounce excision and sexual exploitation. In this (quite chilly) studio atmosphere you are inivited to grab a colour pencil and draw...on wood tables. Thank you, Mr. Lamazou.

décembre 05, 2007

Learn some "green" French

Sorry I did'nt publish posts recently. I must say life has been quite hectic lately.
I had this great job : Editor in Chief for online magazines, both in English and in French. I managed a dozen freelance writers. I interviewed women committed to make this planet a better world. One day in October I was told : "Sorry, no more outside collaborations". And then they were none... as Agatha Christie's famous murder story goes. My own permanent vacation started last Friday.
JE SUIS VERTE* is the way I feel tonight. *I am upset

novembre 20, 2007

Human nature with Aigle

The crowd packed on the sidewalk of rue du Faubourg-Saint Martin surprised all. French outdoor brand Aigle invited 1300 guests to the launch of its new ad campaign on November 8. We were then asked to trade our shoes for rain boots by Aigle. A limited edition for this very special cocktail "les pieds dans l'eau" as the flyer said. Indeed ! We had to step ankle deep into a puddle to get to the open bar. Fresh grass, autumn leaves and a lonely tree added a sense of nature to the room surrounded by giant photographs. Creative Director Remy Babinet and Paul Wakefield signed the new campaign and Aigle's Gideon Day is behind this hot (and wet) party. My friend freaked for her Prada high heels but it seems that Aigle achieved fashion credibility that night.

novembre 11, 2007

Warm and green

Now that it is cold and grey, it is time to remind you that plastic bottles can have a second life. 14 of them can be transformed into a warm jacket. Look for "Ecosensor" fibre for hands and head gear, available at Nature & Découvertes. A new technique makes it possible to recycle this high quality textile for ever.

Good deeds at Arcat

Well, sorry it took so long for me to get back to you about the Arcat charity sale. Here is what you could have purchased : André shoes designed by Antik Batik's hype stylist. My friend Stéphanie left with a Chanel brooch for 70 euros. My own shopping included Veja baby sneakers, Ideo baby stuff (both made from organic cotton) and fairtrade & organic tea from Sri Lanka in a tin box designed by Atelier LZC. I didn't even know they did that. As Vips, we had the chance to drink Champagne and have a bite thanks to ethical "Traiteur Té". It's a hard life for some of us.

octobre 25, 2007


I know you're not used to that kind of header on this blog. But please consider 2 things. First, it's actually the title of a play written by Mark Ravenhill (so it's culture, right). Second, it's related to an event in Paris I want you to spread the word about.

ARCAT's fashion and design sale will benefit people with Aids. The "braderie" will take place at the Espace Catherine Max (17, avenue Raymond Poincaré 75016 Paris) from October 31 to November 2.

You will not only find designer clothes at discount prices (-30% to -70%) but also design pieces to redecorate your home. AND YOU WILL SUPPORT AN IMPORTANT CAUSE. Entrance fee is 2 euros.

I will go to the press preview (the day before) and tell you more about it. Please consider doing your Christmas shopping earlier this year.

Follow the link on the title for more info.

octobre 23, 2007

COMMUUN's organic style

Hey fashion people! Here's a duo to keep an eye on. Kaito Hori (male) and Iku Furudate (female) received 40.000 euros from Longchamp and fashion empire LVMH in Paris earlier this month. The Japanese now Paris-based team won a grant through the ANDAM contest which is aimed at encouraging promising and creative talents. I liked the silhouettes that hit the runway for their clean cuts in monochrome fabrics. The fact that they chose natural and organic ones is something to remember. Their environmental consciousness matches their search for timeless pieces. Bravo!

octobre 19, 2007

Turning trash into trend

Thank God the week-end is here ! With fresh air outside and strikes going on in public transportation, you'd rather stay home ? What about taking a tour in the kitchen for inspiration ? Here's a glam way to show polaroids that I noticed on Maison Passion. But let Anna Brones be your guide to design jewelry with glossy paper from magazines. Click on title to read her story. Send your comments.

octobre 11, 2007

Katharine E Hamnett Spring 2008

Do you think Katharine E Hammnett's style is just about protest slogan T-shirts ? Do you want to know what eco-conscious model Lily Cole will be wearing next summer ? Here they are. These cute organic cotton shoes are much more feminine than Veja sneakers. Thanks Katharine !

octobre 09, 2007


Hi there. Here a few design hints. Take a fresh look at what you are tempted to throw away. Here milk plastic bottles turn into vases for a super zen atmosphere as seen at salon "Maison Passion" in Paris last month.

My Green Mama Guy

Dear readers, thanks a lot for your cool comments. You can now register to receive updates from this blog. My Green Mama Guy worked it out last night while I was reading the latest Elle issue on the coach and giggling like girls do. So here's a tribute to men in general and to him in particular. Follow the title to Mary-Laure Neulat's attempt to groom her man. Giggling is OK.

octobre 04, 2007

Green beauty

The Cosmeeting trade show (which is part of salon Beyond Beauty) was this week's event for beauty suppliers. For the first time a "Green" area named "Natural & Bio" was designed to present organic and/or fair trade cosmetics. Green Mama's staff was there to unveil new products certified organic by Ecocert. I'll keep you posted...

Steamin' Hot Denim

Yeah, its' Fashion Week again. You can run into frightened and young models all over Paris these days. Thinking of endangered species (as models often are), let me remind you that cotton culture is a serious environmental and human threat. The coming Ethical Fashion Show which will take place next week will get greater attention than this post (Anyone reading out there ?) but here's the best goodie I was offered on So Ethic, the ethical area at trade show Prêt-à-porter Paris. Check out my organic bag by Loomstate and learn more about the brand with fashion scout Matthew Allen. Simply click on title. Other "green" fashion initiatives you'd like to tell me about ? Add a comment.

septembre 27, 2007

Meet Sakina M'Sa

Hello again. Here's someone you should know about : fashion designer Sakina M'Sa. To tell you the truth, fashion is not all to this petite creative person with a big heart. Women, their education and the environment they live in are at the core of her philosophy. Yes, her interview is in French beacuse it's published by the magazine on www.greenmama.fr. Now you have a good reason to learn my language. A bientôt ! Here Sakina poses with PR Béatrice Manson, in front of photographs of her Petit Palais exhibition.

Back to school

Hey ! Much happened since I last wrote on this blog. Not many comments while I was gone though (sigh). And although I spoke English in Asia this summer, it sounds rusty whenever I talk to my editors. Oh, well. I guess writing is easier. And as far as writing is concerned, everyone should get a Pilot pen from the new line : "Begreen". It is made of recycled plastic (up to 77% if I remember well). And you should read Anna Brones' hints for kids when you're at it. Follow the link on the title to the magazine on www.greenmama.com

août 08, 2007

In a Leggy Vein

Warning : Too much shopping can be tough on your banker's nerves but also on your own legs and feet. If you're about to fly for hours, trek accross the desert or even walk the runway like this young person at this year's Trophées St Roch, read Anita Conrade's story for light legs tips. Want to share yours ? Please post a comment !

Travelling Beauty Bags

So packing or not packing... your beauty products with you? My first answer would be "To travel far, travel light" and my sincere belief is that "Less is more", especially during summer time. As my destination is the "sun paradise" (although not this one which is Guadeloupe, courtesy of my sailor friend Ariane) I've already started my diet of sun capsules and invested in very high protection sun creams. I encourage you to do the same! We got so little sun in Paris lately that "summer" is almost an obscene word and we're just bound to bake on white sand. So click on title to get some clues about what to pack according to your destination from traveller Mia Masnic.

août 06, 2007

Turning Eco : 15 simple steps

Hi there ! After such a beautiful week-end, today's apocalytic bursts of rain in Paris make me want to lay emphasis on climate change. Hot people are in it right now - think Leo DiCaprio and, well, Al Gore - and SO SHOULD YOU! Read this well-documented story by Anna Brones to find out how you can make a change. And feel free to post your own eco-tips on this blog too. NB For those who know where the picture of this red sun was taken : clubbing is not good for your health. Scroll down to previous post ! J/K

août 03, 2007

Weekend Plans

It's this time of the week again! Still in town ? Click on title for insights on what to do during the weekend : picnic eco-tips, confidential parks info and hints on how to ride with style... OK, this kind of post does not fall into any of the categories I said I'd write about. But it's green, right ? PS : Anyone able to tell me where in Paris this picture was taken wins an Intensive Anti-Pollution Skin Protector by Green Mama. Bonne chance !

août 02, 2007

God Save the Green !

Hey! This message Tee is the first of a collection by WWP. Behind this enigmatic label is Nadège Winter from Colette (France) and skate king Pierre-André Senizergues from Sole Technology (USA). You are invited to drop an old T-shirt for next month's limited line at Colette's store. Please recycle !

juillet 30, 2007

Everything You Need to Know About Cosmetics

Hey, what's all that fuss about parabens and sun filters ? Why is everyone turning to organic beauty products these days ? Should I start reading the INCI list like my favourite pharmacist does ? Are you freaking out too ? Read this piece by Kathryn Schneider. Just click on title for enhanced consumer consciousness. FYI : Bamboo bowl by Ekobo.

Pool Position

2 more weeks to go and then it's going to be bikinis and Martinis in a sun paradise. But before that, I needed this James Bond girl outfit to tell me I should rehearse first and go for a few laps in a swimming pool. Thanks to Amy Kraft, I am now convinced that everything is good in swimming. Click on title to read more about the beauty benefits of wearing a stupid thing on your hair. Of course, this stylish piece will stay in the closet until further notice.

juillet 26, 2007

Do things worth the writing like Zowie Broach from Boudicca

Hey ! Ever heard this quote before ? "If you would not be forgotten, as soon as you are dead and rotten, either write things worth the reading, or do things worth the writing". So, here's my point. If you do things worth the writing, please post a comment to tell me more about it and give me your contact info. This could get you in the Interview section of Green Mama's magazine (click on title to read Zowie's interview). So think about it and tell it to your (famous) friends too. Looking forward to reading you soon. PS : Ben Franklin said that.

Women On the Run

Hi there ! Back on the track of writing but not for long. With those green soles sneakers, who wouldn't want to go outdoors ? If riding a bicycle is big right now because of Vélib' and Colette's "Joy Ride" exhibition (Tu connais Colette ?), running is catching up. Even the youngest of my sisters is somewhere in France, jogging her own Tour... So read this story by Anna Brones (cheers !) and get going ! For those wondering, yes, these shoes come from the children line.

juillet 23, 2007

Spiky Green Creature

The designer Alnoor gave a garden party outside his small gallery at the Village St Paul in Paris. Flowers bloomed as lamps in shades of pink cherry blossom or purple. I also liked a blue suspension which made me think of drops of water. But my favourite piece is Kaktussimo, a giant incense holder made of cristal!

mai 31, 2007

Ecological fashion, a sustainable trend

Hi there!
Been to Beaubourg for shopping recently? Make sure you drop by the trendy Printemps Design for new sneakers by Veja. Thank young designer Christine Phung (picture) for funky laces and amazing colors: simply red, perfect blue, ultra violet and hopeful green, among others. Leather was tanned without chrome and the sole made of natural rubber. Only 1000 boxes will be available in June for only 99 euros.
Also, read "Ecological fashion, a sustainable trend" by Mia Masnic if you want to know more about ethical fashion !

mai 21, 2007

Birth Announcement for www.greenmama.com

Good news of the day : www.greenmama.com is finally online. In the webzine hosted by the cosmetics brand you will read beauty, fashion, ecology articles and more. The editors' team is international and Paris-based. Visit us for trendy and cutting-edge stories ! Organic and fair trade cotton mouse by Papili (www.papili.org)