décembre 18, 2007

Merry Christmas

You don't feel like destroying the planet while wishing a Merry Christmas to your loved ones ? Good. You're not sure they really need more stuff ? Remember anyone can enjoy a massage or treatment in a spa, a cooking class or concert ticket for a change. Spending time together is sometimes the most precious gift. Be with them instead of just being there. There's no way you won't do any shopping ? Hugh. Indulge at Alter Mundi Beaurepaire*, the new outlet for ethical purchases. That's where I bought a striped organic cotton scarf by Seyes for 49 euros. In this newly opened shop, mother and daughter also selected French brand Bluebretzel for its color palette : grey as Beluga's caviar, electric green as the 2CV by Citroën in 1976... This Christmas, think fair trade. *25, rue Beaurepaire 75010 Paris

Titouan Lamazou's beautiful women

I must confess that I love being a journalist. I get to review great stuff and meet incredible people. My latest craze is sailor-turned-artist Titouan Lamazou. Just look at him pose for me at the Festival International du Film d'Environnement. He is now showing 6 years of work (meaning travels, paintings and photos) at the Musée de l'Homme in Paris. I first watched the 4 minutes mixed media portraits he compiled on 2 DVDs and finally went to see the exhibition "Zoé Zoé" at the Trocadero. As an Artist for Peace, the Frenchman met women from all over the world : from the sexy anti war activist in the US to the committed fashion designer in Bangladesh. Even Lucy, mother for us all, is part of the project. Titouan not only sees the beauty in every woman, he is not afraid to denounce excision and sexual exploitation. In this (quite chilly) studio atmosphere you are inivited to grab a colour pencil and draw...on wood tables. Thank you, Mr. Lamazou.

décembre 05, 2007

Learn some "green" French

Sorry I did'nt publish posts recently. I must say life has been quite hectic lately.
I had this great job : Editor in Chief for online magazines, both in English and in French. I managed a dozen freelance writers. I interviewed women committed to make this planet a better world. One day in October I was told : "Sorry, no more outside collaborations". And then they were none... as Agatha Christie's famous murder story goes. My own permanent vacation started last Friday.
JE SUIS VERTE* is the way I feel tonight. *I am upset