septembre 27, 2007

Meet Sakina M'Sa

Hello again. Here's someone you should know about : fashion designer Sakina M'Sa. To tell you the truth, fashion is not all to this petite creative person with a big heart. Women, their education and the environment they live in are at the core of her philosophy. Yes, her interview is in French beacuse it's published by the magazine on Now you have a good reason to learn my language. A bientôt ! Here Sakina poses with PR Béatrice Manson, in front of photographs of her Petit Palais exhibition.

Back to school

Hey ! Much happened since I last wrote on this blog. Not many comments while I was gone though (sigh). And although I spoke English in Asia this summer, it sounds rusty whenever I talk to my editors. Oh, well. I guess writing is easier. And as far as writing is concerned, everyone should get a Pilot pen from the new line : "Begreen". It is made of recycled plastic (up to 77% if I remember well). And you should read Anna Brones' hints for kids when you're at it. Follow the link on the title to the magazine on