juillet 30, 2007

Everything You Need to Know About Cosmetics

Hey, what's all that fuss about parabens and sun filters ? Why is everyone turning to organic beauty products these days ? Should I start reading the INCI list like my favourite pharmacist does ? Are you freaking out too ? Read this piece by Kathryn Schneider. Just click on title for enhanced consumer consciousness. FYI : Bamboo bowl by Ekobo.

Pool Position

2 more weeks to go and then it's going to be bikinis and Martinis in a sun paradise. But before that, I needed this James Bond girl outfit to tell me I should rehearse first and go for a few laps in a swimming pool. Thanks to Amy Kraft, I am now convinced that everything is good in swimming. Click on title to read more about the beauty benefits of wearing a stupid thing on your hair. Of course, this stylish piece will stay in the closet until further notice.

juillet 26, 2007

Do things worth the writing like Zowie Broach from Boudicca

Hey ! Ever heard this quote before ? "If you would not be forgotten, as soon as you are dead and rotten, either write things worth the reading, or do things worth the writing". So, here's my point. If you do things worth the writing, please post a comment to tell me more about it and give me your contact info. This could get you in the Interview section of Green Mama's magazine (click on title to read Zowie's interview). So think about it and tell it to your (famous) friends too. Looking forward to reading you soon. PS : Ben Franklin said that.

Women On the Run

Hi there ! Back on the track of writing but not for long. With those green soles sneakers, who wouldn't want to go outdoors ? If riding a bicycle is big right now because of Vélib' and Colette's "Joy Ride" exhibition (Tu connais Colette ?), running is catching up. Even the youngest of my sisters is somewhere in France, jogging her own Tour... So read this story by Anna Brones (cheers !) and get going ! For those wondering, yes, these shoes come from the children line.

juillet 23, 2007

Spiky Green Creature

The designer Alnoor gave a garden party outside his small gallery at the Village St Paul in Paris. Flowers bloomed as lamps in shades of pink cherry blossom or purple. I also liked a blue suspension which made me think of drops of water. But my favourite piece is Kaktussimo, a giant incense holder made of cristal!