août 08, 2007

In a Leggy Vein

Warning : Too much shopping can be tough on your banker's nerves but also on your own legs and feet. If you're about to fly for hours, trek accross the desert or even walk the runway like this young person at this year's Trophées St Roch, read Anita Conrade's story for light legs tips. Want to share yours ? Please post a comment !

Travelling Beauty Bags

So packing or not packing... your beauty products with you? My first answer would be "To travel far, travel light" and my sincere belief is that "Less is more", especially during summer time. As my destination is the "sun paradise" (although not this one which is Guadeloupe, courtesy of my sailor friend Ariane) I've already started my diet of sun capsules and invested in very high protection sun creams. I encourage you to do the same! We got so little sun in Paris lately that "summer" is almost an obscene word and we're just bound to bake on white sand. So click on title to get some clues about what to pack according to your destination from traveller Mia Masnic.

août 06, 2007

Turning Eco : 15 simple steps

Hi there ! After such a beautiful week-end, today's apocalytic bursts of rain in Paris make me want to lay emphasis on climate change. Hot people are in it right now - think Leo DiCaprio and, well, Al Gore - and SO SHOULD YOU! Read this well-documented story by Anna Brones to find out how you can make a change. And feel free to post your own eco-tips on this blog too. NB For those who know where the picture of this red sun was taken : clubbing is not good for your health. Scroll down to previous post ! J/K

août 03, 2007

Weekend Plans

It's this time of the week again! Still in town ? Click on title for insights on what to do during the weekend : picnic eco-tips, confidential parks info and hints on how to ride with style... OK, this kind of post does not fall into any of the categories I said I'd write about. But it's green, right ? PS : Anyone able to tell me where in Paris this picture was taken wins an Intensive Anti-Pollution Skin Protector by Green Mama. Bonne chance !

août 02, 2007

God Save the Green !

Hey! This message Tee is the first of a collection by WWP. Behind this enigmatic label is Nadège Winter from Colette (France) and skate king Pierre-André Senizergues from Sole Technology (USA). You are invited to drop an old T-shirt for next month's limited line at Colette's store. Please recycle !