août 08, 2007

Travelling Beauty Bags

So packing or not packing... your beauty products with you? My first answer would be "To travel far, travel light" and my sincere belief is that "Less is more", especially during summer time. As my destination is the "sun paradise" (although not this one which is Guadeloupe, courtesy of my sailor friend Ariane) I've already started my diet of sun capsules and invested in very high protection sun creams. I encourage you to do the same! We got so little sun in Paris lately that "summer" is almost an obscene word and we're just bound to bake on white sand. So click on title to get some clues about what to pack according to your destination from traveller Mia Masnic.

2 commentaires:

A World in a PAN a dit…

I think that even the poor sun we have in Paris deserves Sun Screen, so I clicked on the title and learned and enjoyed.
Thank you!

Gwynn a dit…

Unfortunately, I even need sun block in Edinburgh, Schotland.. (I learned that last summer)
I like your blog, and plan on checking it regularly :)