octobre 04, 2007

Steamin' Hot Denim

Yeah, its' Fashion Week again. You can run into frightened and young models all over Paris these days. Thinking of endangered species (as models often are), let me remind you that cotton culture is a serious environmental and human threat. The coming Ethical Fashion Show which will take place next week will get greater attention than this post (Anyone reading out there ?) but here's the best goodie I was offered on So Ethic, the ethical area at trade show Prêt-à-porter Paris. Check out my organic bag by Loomstate and learn more about the brand with fashion scout Matthew Allen. Simply click on title. Other "green" fashion initiatives you'd like to tell me about ? Add a comment.

3 commentaires:

Amisha Miller a dit…


I'm Amisha and I'm coming to Paris for ethical fashion show. And I'm reading - love the blog!

Basically wondering if you're going to be there, as I run an ethical fashion magazine called nu, www.numagazine.co.uk and it would be great to have a chat to you.

Catherine Dauriac aka Mistigreen a dit…

Reading, reading as long you're writing dear C.

A World in a PAN a dit…

Yes, I'm reading, and also enjoying what I read.
Thank you!