janvier 30, 2008

Blue Angel goes green

Shows are over in Paris until ready-to-wear takes over...soon. Trade shows (Prêt-à-Porter Paris, Première Classe, Who's Next) are the events to cover when looking for fresh faces and cool talents. So it's Fall 2008 you'll be reading about from now on. Let's start with this unexpected outfit by Article 23. The label's name refers to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Fashion and beauty icon Marlene Dietrich inspired the collection. Hum. Can't remember the Blue Angel playing a sexy car wash girl though. I guess it's the masculine/feminine gimmick. Organic fabrics, fairtrade products. Style ! Note the knot.

Lefranc Ferrant's worldview

The last couture show I'd like to tell you about is Lefranc Ferrant's. The husband and wife duo had invited us at the Beaux-Arts. It made sense for (at least) two reasons : the sponsor was French paper brand Canson and they showed colourful bold prints. One of them is even named "Arty". There's always much to say about cuts -say a bolero as tuxedo jacket for instance- and fabrics. This time what caught my eye was vivid lace representing a map of the world, elegantly wrapping silk dresses. Have a glimpse at it. I agree, second rows suck.

Coral couture

A week ago, Hanna Touma showed a collection which would have pleased scientist Pascale Chabanet, passionate protector of corals around the world. The silver fishes printed on the invite were a hint as to the marine theme chosen by the designer from Lebanon. Indeed soap bubbles blown during the show played the trick and models looked like fascinating sirens all of a sudden. What I liked most was actually the jewellery: glittering crystal coral branches worn in the hair.

janvier 29, 2008

The skin you're in

The couture show by Dupré Santa Barbara last week was a good excuse to set foot at La Scala, my first time in this old-fashioned parisian night club. Red velvet sofas and glittering mirrors matched the mini black leather dresses with colourful feathers worn by long legged models that rushed past guests. The party upstairs took place among dangling dummies presenting the T-shirt collection : precious leathers in patchwork and feathers again. A wild summer to come.

janvier 28, 2008

Marry me

Haute Couture is divine and always ends with a bride. Who wouldn't propose this one ? She appeared at Irakli's show last monday. For those wondering, yes, I already got married, thanks very much. I looked like an Egyptian goddess : my dress was a SS 07 Chanel replica.

Should Mademoiselle Green go French ?

Dear readers, it occured to me that I should switch to writing in French now. This blog was created to promote the work of my editors published in the magazine section of www.greenmama.com. Unfortunately mismanagement of the company led to money shortage and people being laid off. Now that I am quite in need of promotion myself to find another employer, I am asking myself: Should I keep on writing in English ? Wouldn't French make more sense to people here and serve my cause better ? Feel free to share your feelings about this... PS : This work of art by Robert Stadler was shown during the last Nuit Blanche in a Paris church.

janvier 22, 2008

Ordinary trash

Does the name "Erika" ring a bell ? The wreck of the oil tanker was an ecological disaster for the coasts of Bretagne in December 1999. Last week the oil company Total was found guilty. But who will pay for this ordinary trash seen in on a beach of Bretagne, not so far from the Pointe de Penmarc'h ?

janvier 16, 2008

Minimum aluminium

Another Christmas present I should tell you about is a book entitled : "L'écologie des paresseuses" which can be translated as "Ecology for the lazy". It is part of a collection of books for lazy girls (Feng Shui, politics or aerobics explained). It also deals with waste and recycling it. Here is how we are able to recycle soda cans (picture). But I learnt that the production of aluminium is not friendly at all for the environment (muds, dangerous fluorine vapors). So even if aluminium is recyclable for ever (and less energy is needed to do so), it is best to limit aluminium to the minimum.

Hail to the Elle

This week's issue of Elle in France features Martine Camillieri's book : "Détourner les emballages". To create her "bidons-camions", she uses all kinds of containers, from milk to soda bottles. The trendy shop Colette dedicated a window to her fancy work at the end of last year (picture). She makes jewellry boxes out of matching caps and toys out of detergent bottles... I must say that the magazine Elle is a a great source of green topics. Hail to the Elle!

janvier 09, 2008

Green present

This Christmas, my mother offered me a voucher for a "gourmet" cooking lesson in Paris. I am very found of gastronomy and this non-material gift pleased my eco-conscience. I must tell you that in November I attended a cooking class in English and loved the experience. I am about to prepare the sweet endives velouté that charmed me then. Laura Neulat's "très français" menu included veal escalopes Normandy and crêpes Suzette (picture). In her tiny parisian kitchen, she shared her knowledge with me and the 3 other would-be-cooks. I appreciated the meal as much as the conviviality !

janvier 04, 2008

Fresh tracks

Hi everyone ! Back from a few days of getting plenty of (renewable) energy from the sun, although photo-aging is of course the main (beauty) danger when you don't ski like me but slowly walk with this special equipment called " des raquettes" in French. Will someone tell me the English word for those ? So no electric power needed here, only muscles and will. Give it a try sometimes this winter. More about my eco-concerned Christmas readings soon.