décembre 18, 2007

Titouan Lamazou's beautiful women

I must confess that I love being a journalist. I get to review great stuff and meet incredible people. My latest craze is sailor-turned-artist Titouan Lamazou. Just look at him pose for me at the Festival International du Film d'Environnement. He is now showing 6 years of work (meaning travels, paintings and photos) at the Musée de l'Homme in Paris. I first watched the 4 minutes mixed media portraits he compiled on 2 DVDs and finally went to see the exhibition "Zoé Zoé" at the Trocadero. As an Artist for Peace, the Frenchman met women from all over the world : from the sexy anti war activist in the US to the committed fashion designer in Bangladesh. Even Lucy, mother for us all, is part of the project. Titouan not only sees the beauty in every woman, he is not afraid to denounce excision and sexual exploitation. In this (quite chilly) studio atmosphere you are inivited to grab a colour pencil and draw...on wood tables. Thank you, Mr. Lamazou.

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