octobre 19, 2007

Turning trash into trend

Thank God the week-end is here ! With fresh air outside and strikes going on in public transportation, you'd rather stay home ? What about taking a tour in the kitchen for inspiration ? Here's a glam way to show polaroids that I noticed on Maison Passion. But let Anna Brones be your guide to design jewelry with glossy paper from magazines. Click on title to read her story. Send your comments.

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A World in a PAN a dit…

I love this idea! I have a collection of stone eggs I bought in Africa and South America over an extended period of time, and when I entertain in April, I put the stone eggs in these cardboard egg holders. I love the contrast! I also use them on my desk to sort little items. And of course, I love taking them back to the stand in my market where I buy farm eggs.
Laura from A World in a PAN.