novembre 20, 2007

Human nature with Aigle

The crowd packed on the sidewalk of rue du Faubourg-Saint Martin surprised all. French outdoor brand Aigle invited 1300 guests to the launch of its new ad campaign on November 8. We were then asked to trade our shoes for rain boots by Aigle. A limited edition for this very special cocktail "les pieds dans l'eau" as the flyer said. Indeed ! We had to step ankle deep into a puddle to get to the open bar. Fresh grass, autumn leaves and a lonely tree added a sense of nature to the room surrounded by giant photographs. Creative Director Remy Babinet and Paul Wakefield signed the new campaign and Aigle's Gideon Day is behind this hot (and wet) party. My friend freaked for her Prada high heels but it seems that Aigle achieved fashion credibility that night.

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