janvier 28, 2008

Should Mademoiselle Green go French ?

Dear readers, it occured to me that I should switch to writing in French now. This blog was created to promote the work of my editors published in the magazine section of www.greenmama.com. Unfortunately mismanagement of the company led to money shortage and people being laid off. Now that I am quite in need of promotion myself to find another employer, I am asking myself: Should I keep on writing in English ? Wouldn't French make more sense to people here and serve my cause better ? Feel free to share your feelings about this... PS : This work of art by Robert Stadler was shown during the last Nuit Blanche in a Paris church.

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Catherine a dit…

hey mlle green
as you are back now... je me dis, tiens se serait bien en français pour notre petite blogosphère verte (pas si petite!) but you also are my English lesson of the day ... (OK, Nicole Kemps is not so bad).
Maybe as you are so comfortable in both langages, just feel free to write in the langage you feel the best at the moment...
My English is as poor as my taylor (but my tailor is more talented)