janvier 28, 2008

Marry me

Haute Couture is divine and always ends with a bride. Who wouldn't propose this one ? She appeared at Irakli's show last monday. For those wondering, yes, I already got married, thanks very much. I looked like an Egyptian goddess : my dress was a SS 07 Chanel replica.

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Anonyme a dit…

dear brilliant journalist,
As a faithful reader and also your sister, I like reading you in any language ! Thanks for your beautiful pictures !
Change la langue du blog si tu veux, mais ne change rien de toi-même, tu es formidable.

A World in a PAN a dit…

Hello Mademoiselle Green, I have come to your blog several times and every time I enjoy your posts and comments. Thus, I am giving you the You Made my Day Award! I was myself given this fun award by Aurea who was given it by ....
Hope you'll enjoy this trip into other blogs!