janvier 16, 2008

Minimum aluminium

Another Christmas present I should tell you about is a book entitled : "L'écologie des paresseuses" which can be translated as "Ecology for the lazy". It is part of a collection of books for lazy girls (Feng Shui, politics or aerobics explained). It also deals with waste and recycling it. Here is how we are able to recycle soda cans (picture). But I learnt that the production of aluminium is not friendly at all for the environment (muds, dangerous fluorine vapors). So even if aluminium is recyclable for ever (and less energy is needed to do so), it is best to limit aluminium to the minimum.

2 commentaires:

A World in a PAN a dit…

You’re right, aluminum production is not environment friendly at all. And given that sodas are not very healthy, best is to keep away from both: aluminum and sodas!

VéroNike a dit…

You could call it "Ecology for dummies" too ! I really feel like one (dummy) because I thought aluminium was sooooo environment friendly. Thank you for ringing the bell !