février 17, 2008

Into the wild

Don't worry! Even if getting closer to a greener lifestyle is definitely part of the picture this year, there's no way I can turn off my computer so easily and settle in a cabin like this one. And staying away from movie theaters is also impossible for a moviegoer like me (Ever read this book by Walker Percy ?). So there are (at least) two motion pictures you should see these days. "Into the wild" by Sean Penn will show you nature as much as US contemporary society and "The Island" by Russian Director Pavel Lounguine (which at one point reminded me of Shohei Imamura's "Narayama Ballad") will almost make you feel the bite of snow (and possibly guilt). Both movies lay heavily on the main actor's performance - Emile Hirsch and Piotr Mamonov - both breathtaking.

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